Our Mission/Goals

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The European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF) and its members are committed to the achievemnt of equal rights and equal opportunities for Roma in Europe, including political participation. The ERTF takes an active part in the fight against anti-Tziganism and for the full realisation of human rights. 

The ERTF goals are:

  • To establish a fair and democratic representation of Roma in Europe; 
  • To achieve a fair and equal participation of Roma at all levels of policy making at national and international level; 
  • To achieve an improvement of the living conditions of Roma and related groups; 
  • To achieve the social integration of Roma on the basis of full equality and mutual respect; 
  • To make governments and international organisations more aware of their responsibilities toward Roma as their citizens and more responsive toward their needs; 
  • To become recognised as the key political partner and interlocutor by national governments and international organisations on any issues affecting Roma;
  • To achieve official recognition of the Roma as a European people and of Romanes as a European language;
  • To achieve official recognition of the Romani Holocaust