ERTF reaction to the letter of the self-proclaimed king of the Roma

Written by Secretariat on .

The European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF) wishes to express its anger and dismay at the letter, which Mr Dorin Cioaba has sent to Donald Trump, President of the USA, and at the outrageous proposal to have Roma build the wall between Mexico and the USA. The ERTF also condemn ideas that foster segregation and discrimination in any form.

Mr Cioaba thinks that we are living in the 19th century when Roma could be put to work as slaves in his country. If Mr Cioaba was genuinely interested in the welfare of the Roma he should start by helping them in his own country and not propose to send them abroad to work on a project, which politically and geographically does not concern European Roma.

Roma are, as well, a pan-European minority at least 500 years of history. According to the latest research of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), Roma, the largest ethnic minority continues to face intolerable discrimination in Europe, suffering from unemployment, social segregation and serious human rights violations that rise from a phenomenon known as anti-Gypsyism.

Mr Cioaba’s proposal is a humiliating insult to all Roma, who in spite of their difficulties, manage to survive with dignity. Mr Cioaba does not represent the Roma population and his disgraceful proposal should convince all Roma to keep away from him and his puppet “kingdom”.

We call on all Roma organizations, international, national and local, to express their disapproval of Mr Cioaba’s proposal to Mr Trump and to warn their members of the dangers of self-proclaimed leaders like him. We also call on ERRC, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other human rights organizations to condemn Mr Cioaba’s initiative.

We finally call on the Evangelical Church, of which Mr Cioaba is a pastor, to sanction his conduct, which does no honor to the church he belongs to and which he is supposed to serve.