First meeting of the Organisational within the Forgotten Voices project

Written by Secretariat on .

The ERTF will hold the first meeting with the members of the Organisational Committee of the Forgotten Voices project on Thursday, 17 and Friday, 18 September in Berlin.

The project aims at achieving recognition of the Roma Holocaust and anti-Gypsyism as a specific form of discrimination, developing an action plan on teaching of the Roma Holocaust in schools and among the public and on how to achieve official recognition of anti-Gypsyism and building a network of NGOs and other relevant stakeholders to advocate for the recognition of the Roma Holocaust and of anti-Gypsyism and to monitor and report on the improvement of the situation of the Roma.

Within the project framework there will also be a two-day conference entitled “The Forgotten Voices” which will examine how the causes of that tragedy are reflected in the discrimination, marginalization and persecution of the Roma today; analyse the true nature of anti-Gypsyism and explore how the relationship between the genocide and today’s anti-Gypsyism can help us in combating this phenomenon.

At the first meeting the members of the organisational committee: Gerhard Baumgartner, from the Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance, Marta Berecka, from the Auschwitz Museum, Agnes Daroczi, Roma Holocaust historian, Celia Donert and Eve Rosenhaft, from the University of Liverpool, and Rudko Kawczynski, Romani activist, will discuss the outline of the Action plan and will decide on the topics, experts for the “The Forgotten Voices” conference.

The project is financially supported by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.