ERTF at the European Platform for Roma

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The Vice President of the European Roma and Travellers Forum, Ms Agnes Daroczi participated at the 9th meeting of the European Platform for Roma inclusion which took place on 16 and 17 March 2015 in Brussels. The Platform, which is a forum for thinking and discussion of relevant stakeholders for the integration of Roma people in Europe, aimed at providing a possibility for operational level discussions among stakeholders and reflecting the policy commitment and the position of Roma integration on the EU Member States' national political agendas.

Based on these two aims, the European Roma and Travellers Forum issued a position paper focused on the real significance and import of anti-Gypsyism and effective ways of combating it. The paper provides clarification of what anti-Gypsyism involves and a warning signal of where it could lead to if we carry on misinterpreting its nature and believing that the current cosmetic reforms and regular mass meetings will bring any radical change.

The ERTF believes that a crucial part of combating Anti-Gypsyism relies on the official recognition of the Roma genocide during the 2nd World War. It is this genocide which lies at the roots of today’s Anti-Gypsyism. What led to the genocide was not discrimination or dislike but anti-Gypsyism: rejection and elimination.

The ERTF Position paper suggest several concrete recommendations on combating Anti-Gypsyism and proposes a new methodology to achieve Roma integration via bilateral dialogues with member states.

The ERTF position paper is available here.