Consultations with the CoE member states on new strategy for Roma

Written by Secretariat on .

On 19 February 2015, the ERTF organised a meeting with the Permanent Representatives of the Council of Europe to discuss the new Council of Europe strategy for Roma. For this meeting the ERTF published a paper with its observations on the situation of the Roma community in the Council of Europe member states and also presented some concrete ideas on how to improve it.

The ERTF believes that progress can only be achieved by establishing a bilateral dialogue with member states on the obstacles and difficulties they face and on the measures to overcome them. The time is propitious for establishing such a dialogue:

  • the Secretary General is examining new options for the future agenda on Roma, and
  • the EU member states are in the process of implementing national strategies which have been drawn up in conformity with the EU Framework Strategy for the Roma.

The paper is available here.
The PowerPoint presentation is available here.