Exhibition «Des Tsiganes, aussi - Mémoire et oubli»

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Exhibition « Des Tsiganes, aussi - Mémoire et oubli » (« And The Roma too. Memory and Lapse ») - Lieu d'Europe- Strasbourg

On 15-16 November, in the framework of the 3rd edition of the Equality week organised by the City of Strasbourg, the European Forum for Roma and Travellers presented the exhibition « Des Tsiganes, aussi - Mémoire et oubli » by Francine Mayran.

Painter and psychiatrist, Francine Mayran presented her memory paintings about the Roma Genocide during Second World War. "Through her memory paintings, the artist wants to pay tribute to people who are still victims of discrimination and prejudice today, and bring a different point of view on their culture. She reminds us all the painful part of their history...our history".