ERTF reacts on the recent evictions in Paris

Written by Secretariat on .

Following the recent order for systematic evictions of Roma issued by the police of the 6th arrondissement in Paris, Mr Rudko Kawczynski, President of the European Roma and Travellers Forum(ERTF) send a letter to Ms Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris. By expressing his deep concerns over such orders he also said that this is one more act of violence against Roma and lack of political will to deal with this urgent social problem. Furthermore, such actions stigmatize an entire community and "justify" unlawful racial profiling. 


Some years ago the French government was called to order by the European Commission precisely for such racial profiling circular issued by the French ministry of Interior on 5 August 2010. The ERTF agrees that seeing Roma families in the street with very young children is not acceptable from a human and social point of view. Nor is it acceptable to chase them from one place to another and from one arrondissement to another. On the contrary, their right to shelter, which is closely connected to the right to life and to the right to respect of every person's human dignity, should be respected and applied accordingly. In this respect it is also worth mentioning that Paris is packed with street beggars and it is unfortunate that Roma have been tagged without looking at the damage that such actions by the authorities could bring to the entire community and the image of the Roma in the public opinion.

Mr Kawczynski ended the letter by saying that "It is unfortunate to see that the Resolution (CM/ResChS(2013)1 European Roma and Travelers Forum against France, Complaint No. 64/2011 adopted by the Committee of Minister of Council of Europe on 5th February 2013 has been thoroughly ignored by the authorities and the same condemned actions on European level are being systematically repeated to the present day." He urged Paris municipal council to urgently draw up a plan, in close collaboration with the Roma representatives, to solve this problem to find a genuine humane solution to this problem.


The french version of the letter is letter is available here.